Strategic plan for the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council

Find the strategic plan and annual reports for the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council.

Council will deliver the 5 objectives as part of their strategic plan.

  1. Aboriginal people have strengthened pride and knowledge in our cultural heritage.
  2. The Victorian community has a deeper understanding of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage.
  3. Council has control over its operations.
  4. Strengthened coverage, capacity and sustainability of RAPs.
  5. Increased Council capacity and successful transition to new responsibilities.

View the full plan:

Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council Strategic Plan 2017-2021 (HTML)

Annual reports

Council’s 10 year anniversary

Council celebrated their 10 year anniversary in May 2017. Celebrations were held at the State Library of Victoria. Over 70 people attended to honour the Council’s work and commitment.

Download the milestone report:

Reviewed 11 April 2019

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